November 16, 2017

Wi-Fi Calling

What is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi Calling is basically what it says it is when you don’t have phone signal it will let you call and text via Wi-Fi. The new process is available on all recent phones down to the iPhone 5C (Now been discontinued). All Android phones support this feature, so it doesn’t matter what device you have you should be able to use it.

Who can get Wi-Fi calling?

For new and existing customers on EE pay monthly plans and existing small business customers can get Wi-Fi calling however all the devices have to be compatible with the software and it is currently not available on pay as you go.

Corporate customers on a 4GEE plan with a compatible device can use Wi-Fi calling. This will not work for corporations on a T-Mobile plan and if you are using 3G you will have to contact your account manager to find out more on how to upgrade.

How does it work?

With many new things, you need to download an app or some sort of plugin which will mean unless you have this the software won’t work. However, with the Wi-Fi calling you don’t need any app or plugin you can just call, text, send a picture as normal when you see a Wi-Fi call in the top left-hand corner.

If you do move out of range of the Wi-Fi, you are using don’t worry as long as your phone supports 4G calling it will seamlessly transfer over to the network rom Wi-Fi and vice versa to make sure that your call continues on running without problems. However, if your phone doesn’t support 4G calling and you move out of the Wi-Fi zone you will lose the call and will have to ring again once you are back in the mobile or Wi-Fi signal

Remembering the Wi-Fi network isn’t a major feature but does save time having to keep entering passwords if you leave that zone and come back again. Instead it will remember the Wi-Fi you have already connected too making sur to save you time and of course run smoothly

Wi-Fi calling does allow you to also call 999, but it won’t be able to track your position of where you are, therefore should only be used as a last resort and should stick to a fixed line so they can track you if needs be.

What will you pay for Wi-Fi calling?

Charges for calls and texts are non-existent as they will come out of your plan with EE therefore you don’t get any extra charges for using this software. You should remember though that Wi-Fi calling won’t show up on your bill as Wi-Fi calls. Data allowance again you don’t have to worry as it is using Wi-Fi to make a call or text. The data is does use is every tiny only 10MB for a half hour call is nothing compared to downloading a movie which is 700MB.

Setting up Wi-Fi calling?

Setting up Wi-Fi calling can be different on each device so instead of boring you and making this blog at least 20 pages long I will link to the article EE have wrote and how you can set up Wi-Fi calling on the devices you have.

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