November 16, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rumours, Already?

Even though the Samsung galaxy note 8 has only just been released we are already getting rumors and news about it. Will it be any different from the note 8? Has there been any major changes? Well down below we are about to tell you what we know up to now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rumours

The Samsung galaxy note 9 is set to be unveiled at the end of august 2018. It is set to be put on sale for the early of September. Although it seems far away, the way this year has gone it will be here in no time at all, people are already thinking ahead about how much it will cost. Again, all these are just rumors so bare it in mind, but the cost of the Note 8 was £869. The price of the phone is set to go up even further. The main features of the Samsung galaxy note 9 is set out to be an in-screen finger print scanner as well as improved facial recognition. With an all new camera and a foldable design.

The in-screen scanner would help a lot with the overall design. Freeing up space on the back it will give a much cleaner appearance. Along with helping it stand out from the rest of the models. Most importantly the competition. Improved facial recognition will have to be a lot like apples IPhone X to compete with the features they have introduced on their latest flagship model.

The Camera is set to have two new sensors. One is set to be a 12-megapixel dual capable of matching the iPhone x camera. Also, a 24-megapixel sensor which is set to be able to cut out all the grainy effect you get when taking photos in low light.

Foldable phone?

Now possibly the biggest change is the foldable design. Are Samsung brave enough or capable to make a phone which has all the power smartphones and make it foldable. If they do manage to pull this off it will certainly get them ahead in the smartphone ‘war’. Will Samsung possibly get ahead of apple even further?


The latest rumors of the phone is that it will be having the same size screen as the Samsung Galaxy S8. The main features which the phone is meant to be getting upgraded is the normal Camera. This is backed up with the little teaser. When the phone is going to be released in Barcelona MWC 2018. The teaser simply says let your camera be reimagined. Now take that as you will but the camera is set to have 1000fps slow Mo feature which will top the Sony camera.

Also, the phone will more than likely have a better facial recognition to compete with the iPhone X. Possible animations might come along with emoji. However, if the phone does come with this then it will probably look like they are copying Apple. More leaks are coming out in the month leading up to the phones release, but nothing has been confirmed from Samsung themselves. Some will be fake but most if not 90% will be real.


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