November 22, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Problems

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It seems like technology is just keep getting worse and worse instead of better. Along with every phone there is problems which come with it. That is understandable but if the price tag is big you’d expect it to be at least working or without any issues for a couple of month.

Unfortunately for the iPhone X and the google pixel 2XL that hasn’t been the case, and, in most situations, people have had problems in a week with the devices. Not always something you’d want from a high-class top performing handset right with a price tag which you can go on holiday with.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has had its problems as well so no surprise that there are some issues occurring after its been out for a few months. Most of them come as expected with the phones which many people will have been able to guess or have experienced already. There is always workaround and solutions for these problems if you know where to look. So, we thought why not have everything in one place where you can find out how to solve the problem.

Problem one

Touchscreen unresponsive and ‘phantom’ touches is an annoying issue which most people experience. One of the easiest workarounds and solutions is the S pen. It seems to work for basically everyone even when your finger taps, and swipes don’t work. There is quite a big list which can cause this, so I won’t go into detail because most explain themselves rather than me having too put technical language.

Solutions for the problem 

One of the fixes is simply make sure your hands are clean and dry. If they are wet the water can interfere with touch screen.

If you have a screen protector, removing it can be a smart move as again can be interfering with the sensitivity of the screen and stopping the touchscreen from working properly.

A simple restart can solve the issue. You can hold down the power button and tap restart then simply hold down the volume down and power keys together for a few seconds until the Note 8 reboots.

The possibility can also be that an app is causing the issue. Again, by turning the phone off and placing into safe mode can help you figure this one out. Simply hold down the power key and tap power off. Once fully off. Press and hold the power key until you see the Samsung logo. Next let go of the power key and hold down the volume down key this will show safe mode on the screen then you can let go of the keys. If the problem has gone in safe mode, then you know it’s an app which is causing the issue.

If none of these solutions work, then maybe it’s time for a factory reset. Make sure to back the phone up before doing this. You need to go into settings – backup and reset – Factory data reset. If the issue is still not resolved, try contacting a Samsung store as it might be a hardware failure.

Problem two

After a while you might expect poor battery life to start playing apart in your phones issues. Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been given a good review from nearly everyone about the battery. Which can last a full day even after medium to heavy use. But for everyone it isn’t the same as people have had some trouble with their battery life, with it dying after a few hours of use.

Solution for the problem 

So, we thought we’d give you the simple workarounds which can make it last.

Firstly, one of the biggest ways a battery gets drained is from the screen itself on a phone. Simply by decreasing your screen timeout and lowering brightness can help as it won’t be using as much power to keep it on. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does also have a power saving mode. Which some people might not of knew about by going into; settings – device maintenance then battery. You will then be able to turn it on or off we recommend keeping it on for your sake and the batteries.

Also, you can scroll down further in the same place as both to find where the power saving mode is. You’ll then be able to see app power monitor and save power button which can be used to see how much battery life apps are using even when they aren’t open.

If you see apps which are using a lot of battery and you don’t use them then possibly consider uninstalling them. One of the main features of the phone which has been introduced from Samsung has been the always on display. This ultimately drains more battery as the screen is always on. If you want it off go to settings – display – always on display which you can turn off.

Problem three

Screen burn-in can be really annoying. If you are one of those people which bought a google pixel 2 XL, you will be more annoyed because this happened within weeks of people using their phone. Apple also issued a statement about their phone. They can possibly suffer from the same issue which is not good for someone who just spent over £1000 for a phone.

Solution for the problem 

So, what is screen burn-in? well it is straightforward basically you have a high brightness on your phone and if you leave static images on your screen for a long period of time. You will be left with outline on the screen of the app or navigation buttons simply because of the display which is an OLED. Some apps in the google play store seem to think they can cure this but don’t waste your time as it is Samsung’s issue. The best thing to do is to simply take it into a Samsung store which will be able to fix it.

Problem four  

Wireless charging seems to be the way forward for now but there is always issues with them. They don’t always seem to work. Now although Samsung’s works for nearly everyone that small percentage it doesn’t work for, it can be really annoying. Most importantly can stop you from using your phone which isn’t exactly great considering how much you would have bought it for.

Solution for the problem 

If you have a supported charging pad it will normally charge a lot quicker than an unsupported one. However, for some it doesn’t matter what they use as neither work. So how to get it too work? The good old-fashioned method of turning it off and on again will possibly sort out the issue. If you simply hold the power button and tap restart, then test again it should at least get it temporarily working again.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases are a smart idea to protect your phone and stop it from getting damaged. Although the case itself can interfere with the wireless charging. If you remove it and test it again, it should be working. Some wireless charging pads are fussy about where you place our device. Stupid I know but that’s technology, so if you move it around you might find that sweet spot where it will work.

If you are using a vertical stand, try turning it to landscape and it might do the trick. Some of the simplest methods are the easiest to get the problem fixed. Make to use the cable and adapter the phone or wireless charging pad came with and if possible check another pad to make sure that it isn’t your phone.

Finally, if your device isn’t charging quickly if you go into settings – advanced features – accessories and make sure that fast wireless charging is on that should do the trick.

Problem five

Ever since the phone came out the problem of it freezing up has always been there. Many people have complained, and the numbers are still growing. Although it doesn’t only seem to be linked with the note 8. It is really annoying for people how have bought the new phone and also people using it for businesses.

The cause isn’t exactly known but users have noticed it is common when some is using the contacts app or other apps which use information from the contacts app e.g. WhatsApp. Samsung have announced they are aware of the problem but are trying to get to the bottom of it.

Solution on for the problem

Solutions for a frozen handset is a hard reset. Unfortunately, it will take a couple of minutes and will completely erase all information on your phone. To perform a hard reset, press the volume up, power button and Bixby keys at the same time.

After 30-45 seconds you will see an android recovery menu. Use the volume down button to select the wipe data/factory reset and use the power button to select it. Alternatively let the phone go dead and recharge it back-up. It will take a lot longer, but you won’t lose any data if your phone is backed up.