November 16, 2017

iPhone X problems and solutions!

iPhone X problems, again.

Ah, the IPhone X the greatest phone, set to change the face of all smartphones for years to come and also the most expensive phone you’ve probably bought. If you use the phone enough or if you follow technology news you might have realised that the phone is experiencing some ‘teething’ problems. So, with the list of problems keep growing we thought we’d tell you about them and what you can possibly do to fix them before it is too late.

Problem one – Screen Burn in

Shortly after the phone was released Apple gave a statement about the OLED display in the phone and they said that over time a ‘burn in’ could appear on the phones. Not as bad as the google pixel 2 XL as their phone done this after a few weeks but still a very annoying problem long term. A Burn-in occurs when a static image is on the screen for a while and gets ‘burnt’ into the display permanently.

For example, if you leave the screen on for a while it can result in an app icon getting burnt onto the screen, so you will be able to see a faint outline at all times. Although, it hasn’t happened, yet they seem to be pre-warning users of the damage which can happen, so they might be trying to save themselves some bigger issues later on down the line by warning users now.

How to fix

So, from Apple personally they recommend reducing the brightness of the phone which will prevent some of the problem. To reduce the brightness if you pull down on the right side of the screen to open the control centre you can then adjust the brightness slider.

Another way would be by turning on auto-lock which would turn your phone screen off after a certain amount of time, for this you will have to go into settings, display and brightness then auto-lock if you set it to turn off after 30 seconds or 60 seconds of inactivity it will reduce the chance of a burn in problem on your phone screen.

Problem two

Another issue with the iPhone X is not working in cold temperatures which isn’t great considering they released their phone in November and ready for Christmas, so people will be having a lot of issues this winter with their phone which won’t result in a jolly Christmas for them, of course if Apple haven’t fixed the problem by then, hopefully they have.

Luckily it only seems to freeze for a few seconds when it changes temperature quickly then goes back to working like normal so not the end of the world but very annoying if you’re trying to do something quickly.

How to fix

Well there isn’t really a fix to do on this as it is mainly the software. So, you can’t do anything apart from give it that few seconds which it needs to sort itself out. Also, Apple are aware of the problem and they have announced they are working on a software update which should fix the phone, but no one knows how long that will take to come too phones.

Problem Three

A green line appearing in the right or left side of the screen. Now only a small amount of people has reported this for the minute, but it might increase rapidly by next week. The people with the issue say the line doesn’t appear straight away on the lock screen but after using it, it will appear.

Samsung who created the display for the X had a similar problem on the Galaxy S7 which has made people believe it was a hardware problem. Hopefully the problem can be sorted with some sort of update but that is yet to be seen if that can be possible.

How to fix

Well, again there is no real fix. Apart from contacting an apple store or by visiting a store which will then give you a replacement. Apple are, again, aware of this issue but don’t know how to currently fix it. Although they are gathering data from damaged phones which hopefully will discover what is causing the issue.

Problem Four

Crackling speakers at high volume, is the fourth and final problem people have been reporting. Again, although it is a small number of people reporting this issue. However, there is less getting handset replacement. The problem still remains the same though.

Apple are aware of the issue and the iPhone 8 had a similar problem which was down to a software issue. A patch was brought out to fix the issue. Now although it is unclear if it is a software problem or hardware problem on the iPhone X. In the latest software update I’m sure that there will be something about fixing volume to stop this crackling when at high volume.

How to Fix

This one is straightforward. Simply do not use the speakers at high volume. You can use the ear pods which were provided with the iPhone X or in fact use any headphones in general. Then the problem won’t occur. Honestly that is all you can do at the minute which I can imagine is frustrating. Apple are working on a fix for the problem.


The screen burn-in problem is going to stay unfortunately nothing the manufactures can do. As they can’t change the screens on every phone with the problem. Every other issue on the phone has been fixed in the new IOS update. As long as you update your phone to the latest Apple software everything will be fixed. I should mention the update also helps with the screen burn-in but won’t prevent it.

In the latest software update Apple fixed the unresponsive screen issue people have been experiencing in cold weather. The sudden drop in temperature made the phone screen become unresponsive. Therefore became annoying for a lot of users even though the issue only lasted a few seconds. They have fixed this along side a problem with an issue with distortion pictures and videos. Although we didn’t know about this issue Apple have fixed it anyway so well done them, I guess.