November 16, 2017

Data Roaming Costs

Data roaming – what are the costs?

With the Brexit deals still taking place and no one really knowing what is going to happen to the UK with mobile charges, could it be the end of using your data in Europe for free, even though it has just begun?

On the 15th of June, this year the changes in law meant that you can now use your data, calls and texts allowance in 28 locations in the EU with no extra charge. It means all you people taking those selfies on the beach or videos of your mates getting stupidly drunk, you can now post those videos and photos straight online, giving all your friends and family with holiday envy.

However, many people can get caught out with the latest changes. If you use a data plan which has no cap, so if you go over it you will encounter charges, you will have a large bill waiting for you. The EU charges much more for the roaming charges with it being about £7 per extra GB of data. Some networks also put the data allowance much lower than what you’d get at home, resulting in the same kind of thing, you would go over your allowance and therefore have a large bill waiting for you at the end of it.

Different networks

For the different networks, it is completely different if they change the allowance of data you get when you are abroad. For example, with O2 big bundle at £30 per month you would get 20GB in the UK. Compared to in the EU which you would get 10GB resulting in an extra payment of £50+ which would be on top of the monthly payment.

With EE they have fair use cap for all customers it is capped at 15GB. This should be implemented in all phone networks such as O2. After all they would show customers the customer service they provide and that why they would most likely get customers to stay due to the fact that they are looking out for the and putting customers first.

How to stop charges?

Well the easiest and simple thing you can do is use Wi-Fi in all hotels.Which will make sure that you don’t have to use data and that you stay connected. Otherwise if you think that you are using the Wi-Fi and you aren’t it might come to a surprise you’ll be able to use your data in a few days.

If you do hit the data cap you should check if you can put some data add-ons onto your mobile network. This will make sure you can use data still. However it will only cost a much smaller amount than it would if you haven’t added a data bolt on. DON’T opt out of any network usage caps which have been put in place for you. This will normally cut you offer from between £40-£49 (EE). Although if you don’t have this on it can quickly add up to the hundreds.

what do we recommend? 

We recommend to NEVER opt out of these messages. There are only two more points left but can be the most useful. One of the points is to check whether the country you’re travelling too is in the EU regulations. Although if you just assume that it is and it turns out its not, well guess what? I’m sure you know by now but just in case you don’t I’ll tell you. If the country isn’t in the EU regulations then you will encounter an even bigger bill.

Finally consider buying a local sim and you can top up with a pay-as-you-go credit. Probably one of the easiest and cost-effective methods out there. This will save you money although you do have to make sure that the handset is unlocked.

Brexit – what does it mean for you?

In the close future, until Brexit, you won’t have to pay for your data usage plan in the EU. However once Brexit comes into play the future is a lot less certain. Many think that in the long term it will result in higher costs for people using their data plan in the EU. The possibility that existing data roaming caps could be lifted and gone for good.

Annoying right. Basically the long and short of all this is down to our government and what deal they can make with the EU. As well as can the phone networks make a deal with the European countries. Some good news is that the network provides, are starting to offer free data outside the EU. The main question is what will the capped prices be? And will they stay the same as current ones?

Outside the EU

The government have announced the plans to add VAT onto roaming charges outside the EU. Resulting in a cost of 20% extra on to calls, texts and when using data. Apart from this information we don’t really know what else is going to be getting added for users who travel to outside the EU.

However, we do know that it is most likely going to leave a impact to phone users on holiday. People could also just stop using their phones aboard but the likelihood of that happening is very slim chances. Considering the younger generation coming up has been brought up on technology.


If you have experienced any extra costs when working outside the EU or even in the EU. We can make sure that you don’t go over your plan again when working abroad. Saving you the money instead of paying a bill.

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