Monthly Archives: November 2017

Wi-Fi Calling

What is Wi-Fi calling? Wi-Fi Calling is basically what it says it is when you don’t have phone signal it will let you call and text via Wi-Fi. The new process is available on all recent phones down to the iPhone 5C (Now been discontinued). All Android phones support this feature, so it doesn’t matter […]

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Data Roaming Costs

Data roaming – what are the costs? With the Brexit deals still taking place and no one really knowing what is going to happen to the UK with mobile charges, could it be the end of using your data in Europe for free, even though it has just begun? On the 15th of June, this […]

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iPhone X problems and solutions!

iPhone X problems, again. Ah, the IPhone X the greatest phone, set to change the face of all smartphones for years to come and also the most expensive phone you’ve probably bought. If you use the phone enough or if you follow technology news you might have realised that the phone is experiencing some ‘teething’ […]

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